James P. Anderson '56 (Pete)

Deceased August 9, 2013

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In Memory

James Peter Anderson died in Chico, Calif., on Aug. 9, 2013. John Royse ’56, Bruce Bradley ’56 and I were his roommates their senior year and stayed in touch over the years. Pete married Patti Rupp (Mt. Holyoke ’56) and moved to California, where he completed his AROTC obligation. My wife, Anne, and I traveled to San Francisco to visit Pete and Patti, who lived then in Sausalito. They parted ways in the early 1960s.

Pete specialized in accounting and business management. He spent many years in San Francisco. He retired and moved to Greenville, Calif., with Gloria, the love of his life. They lived there for many years until he moved to Chico, two years after she died.

He loved the outdoors. He hiked to many places in California and the surrounding states. He took pictures of the places he visited: lakes, mountains, flowers and wildlife. He put these on greeting cards and sent them to his many friends. He was a competitive sailor in the Bay Area and also competed in horse shows. He never missed a major horse race, especially the Kentucky Derby. His positive approach to life was only enhanced through a scholarship he established for high school students in Greenville.

He will be remembered in his own words: “In these later years, I have eagerly chosen to reside on the Sensitive, Romantic and inspirational ‘edges’ of life itself, for that is where the Sunrises, Sunsets, Music, Rainbows and fresh Ocean breezes have their most meaningful, personal impact! Of course that leaves us Exposed and Vulnerable to possible disappointments, bruises and frustrations. However, the Rewards from ‘life on the edge’ far outweigh the Risks! I crave for a little more time to love this good earth before I leave it.”

Sandy Rose ’57