John R. Waldo ’56 died March 13, 2011.
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John Waldo died in March in Florida. John “Champ” Young and Vic Krupman wrote this remembrance.

From Champ: When I first met John in 1952, I found him to be shy and introspective. He grew out of these traits and became an outgoing, fun guy. He was a Beta and played tackle (both ways) on the football team. Senior year, he was named to the Little Three All-Star Team. He also excelled in baseball. In evenings, John would go from fraternity to fraternity selling sandwiches. I was usually tapped out, and John would give me sandwiches on the pretext they were a day old.

After graduation, John entered the U.S. Air Force as a navigator and subsequently married Carol. We ended up in the same town in 1967. At this time, we shared the duties of changing diapers and drinking beer.

After several years, I was transferred and we lost contact. Subsequently, I learned that John had five children and a successful career as a marketing manager for Campbell Soup. John and Carol divorced. He married Yolande and retired to Florida. John was well loved by the Class of ’56. We wish him Godspeed.

From Vic: John was the sweetest of men. His claim was being a fine athlete. He was quiet. He came from a small rural area of New Hampshire and modest means. I remember going to his home one winter weekend with a few guys. We were treated royally, fed well and housed in converted horse stalls in a barn. We were pulled behind a plow horse on our skis on a rutted country road.

John loved to play hearts and poker at the DKE house. He was as good a roommate as one would want. He let Stan Hirt ’56 and me run the sandwich and milk business. He owned a piece of that concession. It was good income for us, our carriers and the women who made the sandwiches.

—John Young ’56

—Victor Krupman ’56