Deceased May 2, 2020

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In Memory

Kurt Asplundh '56
Kurt left us in early May 2020. He joined our class as a sophomore, thereby cleverly bypassing Arnold Arons, who “could have easily done me in.”

Kurt’s entire career was devoted to the Swedenborgian Church. After graduation from Amherst, he immediately trained as a Swedenborgian minister and served his Church of the New Jerusalem in Bryn Athyn, Pa., as a pastor for 36 years. After retirement, he traveled for the church to Australia and England. He was beloved by his parishioners, one of whom eulogized: “He had an instinctive knowledge of leadership and firm commitment to the doctrines. He was a man of great integrity and warmth.” 

And more from a ditty by his daughter:
“Dedicated Swedenborgian—A Priest for the Church,
Giving comfort to the dying—He left none in the lurch.
Didn’t lead a flashy life.
No big diamonds for his wife.
Gems of Doctrine—That’s the jewel.
Read the Word—It is the tool.
Loved the Church.
Loved his wife.
Lived a calm
And principled life…”

Kurt is survived by Martha, his wife of 64 years; four children; and nine grandchildren. He was always quick to point out that his youngest son is a person with Down syndrome. Kurt was very active in the Down syndrome support community.

Kurt wrote, “As a transfer, missing freshman bonding, I haven’t felt as connected to the class of ’56 as most of you. I am amazed at the strength of the class and its commitment to each other and to the College and feel privileged to share in that association.” To honor Kurt and his appreciation of class and College, Martha sent a generous posthumous donation in Kurt’s name. 

An exemplary life well lived. An asset to class, College, church and country. Kurt, you are sorely missed.

Peter Levison ’56