Deceased November 13, 2017

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In Memory

Lynn Henges, 83, of Phoenix, beloved husband, father and grandfather, died Nov. 13, 2017. He was born in St. Louis, the son of J. Gordon and Vera Henges. He was preceded in death by his wife, Peggy. Survivors include son Andrew and his wife, Christy; son Terry and his wife, Kara; five grandchildren; and brothers Jay and Ron Henges. 

Lynn came to Amherst from the St. Louis Country Day School. Sophomore year he transferred to the University of Arizona, where he received B.S. and B.P.A. degrees in 1956. Drafted into the U.S. Army, he was assigned to the finance department with the Army in Germany. He completed military service on Dec. 30, 1958, and returned to a former employer, Price Waterhouse & Co., in its St. Louis office. He later established Henges & Befort CPAs in Phoenix.

Peter Levison ’56