Deceased July 22, 2016

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In Memory

Stephen passed away on July 22. He was born in Arlington, Vt.

After Amherst he earned a master’s in chemistry from the University of New Hampshire in 1959, later working as a chemist in the Boston area. He married Lenore Congdon in 1961. In 1964 they moved to Richmond, Mass., which was their home for 52 years. He taught chemistry at nearby Berkshire Community College from 1964 to 1998.

A jack of all trades, he built a large addition to his house, maintained a 3,000-square-foot garden supplying much of the family's food, raised bees for honey, made maple syrup, baked bread and split many cords of wood for heating.

A strong advocate for alternative energy and conservation, he made a large solar-powered cooker and a solar-powered food drier. He rode his moped or bike to work in all types of weather during his 34 years there. Stephen was one of the first people to install solar panels in Berkshire County.

He always loved traveling and the outdoors. He hiked the Long Trail portion of the Appalachian and the mountains around Arlington. He traveled to England and Norway and canoed the local Battenkill River. He accompanied Lenore on sailing trips off the coast of Maine. He cherished the memory of hiking through an underground lava tube near Mount St. Helens. While in the army, he was in the “ready room” when Sputnik was launched. He traveled to the Canary Islands to view the longest solar eclipse of the 20th century, where he met Neil Armstrong and Scott Carpenter.

Always the scientist/teacher, Stephen’s final act was to donate his body to Boston University Medical School.

Stephen is survived by his son, Charles and daughter-in-law, Kathrin; his daughter, Eleanor; sister-in-law Betty; sister-in-law Joan and husband Dale; brother-in-law Jim and wife Priscilla; two nieces and three nephews.

Peter Levison ’56