Deceased April 25, 2022

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In Memory

Tony Dominick died April 25, 2022, in Starksboro, Vermont, leaving behind a body that had ailed him since a 2019 stroke. He was a determinedly independent person throughout his life.

Born in 1936 in New York City, the son of Gayer Dominick and Elizabeth Spock, Tony entered Amherst from the Kingswood School and was a member of Beta Theta Pi.

After serving in the Navy with the U.S. “Hurricane Hunters,” satisfying a fascination with weather, he taught for 18 years in Connecticut and Vermont public and private schools, ending up chairing Mt. Abraham (Bristol, Vermont) Union High School's Language Arts Department. 

He and his (former) wife, Marcia (Dunbar), moved to Starksboro in 1971, a place he loved and would never leave. He became the Starksboro town moderator for many years, later serving as representative in the Vermont House and, finally, on the Vermont Commission on Higher Education Funding. He was proud to vote consistent with his beliefs and what was best for his constituents, never shying from giving party leaders “a piece of his mind” when pressured to vote along party lines. Initially a moderate Democrat, he went on to win re-election as an Independent.

Tony loved skiing at Mad River, sailing and being outdoors with his dogs. He played the piano each night. He loved jazz, Sunday morning classical music, NPR and deep conversation. For years, he read the New York Times each morning and watched Baywatch (on mute) each evening. He loved his acreage in Starksboro, his vegetable gardens and making cider with his family. His children and grandchildren were the sources of his greatest pride.

He leaves son Tim Dominick (Janine) and daughter Alison Sauter (Wolfgang) and two grandchildren.

Allen Clark ’58