Deceased December 22, 2022

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In Memory

Hugh Jones, Bob Madgic ’60’s four-year roommate at Amherst, excelled in academics and athletics, principally through his unyielding determination. A football teammate explained that giving 100 percent in practice was necessary because Hugh always pushed himself harder. Cut from freshmen tennis, Hugh was crushed. Bob encouraged him to try lacrosse. Four years later, Hugh earned All-American honors in this sport.

Hugh won the First Citizen Award “for the graduate pre-eminent in scholarship, leadership, athletics and character” and a Phi Beta Kappa key. That commitment to excellence persisted throughout his life.

Phil Pochoda ’60 added, “Only family surpassed Hugh’s occupational dedication. After Harvard Law School, he joined the Hale and Dorr law firm, remaining there for his 44-year career. He practiced law as a bulwark against injustice, political bullying and brutality and performed pro bono work for worthy causes. Hugh’s professional achievements led to his being selected as president of the Boston Bar Association and trustee of its foundation.”

Bob’s most cherished memory of Hugh was his deep, supportive friendship. They were like brothers, and mutual reinforcement defined their relationship.

Across the decades, Bob and wife Diane savored reunions with Hugh and his beloved spouse, Sara. When she contracted ALS, Hugh became her primary caregiver. Bob marveled at Hugh’s steadfastness during this excruciating time for him and his family. In tragedy as elsewhere, Hugh gave maximum effort.

Hugh and Bob kept close by phone, their humorous exchanges and expressions of support as important as ever. In their last call, Hugh was watching his grandson play lacrosse. When Bob asked how he was doing, Hugh predictably said, “Great!” A few weeks later, Bob was stunned and inconsolable when Hugh’s son reported that he was dying.

As Bob told Diane upon Hugh’s passing, “A big chunk of my life was now gone.”

Bob Madgic ’60 and Phil Pochoda ’60