Deceased October 29, 2022

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In Memory

Steve Weinroth joined DKE at Amherst but left the College during sophomore year and subsequently attended Columbia University. Dick Weisfelder ’60 remembers him as “a fun-loving and ebullient personality regularly engaged in second-floor Morrow mischief.” His career in finance at Loeb, Rhoades & Co., Drexel Burnham Lambert and Core Laboratories demonstrated his leadership and entrepreneurial skills. But his whimsical side persisted in his love of and support for dance, and his caring nature through his contributions to theater, the arts and scholarships for business education. Steve died on Oct. 29, 2022, after a brief illness.

Paul Strohm ’60 recollected, “We were a funny mismatch as freshman roommates, I from a largish public high school in Western Springs, Ill., and Steve a total Manhattan guy, from a sophisticated prep experience at Horace Mann. But Steve generously bridged the gap by inviting me to his family’s Park Avenue apartment for Thanksgiving vacation, my first New York venture. He took me to the Metropolitan Museum to see the Etruscan warrior, walked me around Central Park, brought me to a cocktail party where everybody but me wore a charcoal suit, and arranged a date for me at a sophisticated cocktail lounge, introducing me to ‘his’ New York. As those who remember him from his brief Amherst encounter likely know, Steve had a lot of ‘edge,’ backed up with a notably quick mind and a large measure of not-yet-focused ambition. 

“I saw Steve for lunch in NYC during summer 2022. He was slightly subdued, for Steve, but basically content with his life, happy in his second marriage and proud of what he had accomplished, including contribution to an internship program for young subcontinent-of-India investment people. With a dash of typical Steve style, he had a limo waiting outside for him, double-parked, while we dined.”

Paul Strohm ’60 and Dick Weisfelder ’60