Deceased July 9, 2021

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In Memory

John and I were roommates during our junior year at Amherst. I think we knew each other fairly well then, but I got to know him much better after our 25th reunion. We became much more comfortable with each other whenever we reconnected. We last talked on May 16. John joined our virtual reunion, after which we had a good conversation by phone. He passed away peacefully at home from sarcoma on July 9, surrounded by his family. 

John had a dry sense of humor and a constant sparkle in his eye. How many times as we were talking did he suddenly digress, saying, “Did you know that [such and such]…,” starting from what we were talking about? I was looking forward to more visits by phone or in person, but it wasn’t to be. 

John served as a Naval air intelligence officer from 1962 to 1968, where his work as a photo interpreter inspired a lifelong interest in 3-D imagery and stereo vision, areas in which he became an internationally recognized expert. He was an active member of the Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers, was elected a fellow of the Society and was the founding chair of the annual conference on Stereoscopic Displays and Applications. In 2018, he received an IS&T Lifetime Achievement Award for outstanding service and contributions to the electronic imaging community. 

John maintained his avid curiosity throughout his life and had a special knack for approaching everyday problems in a new way. He loved sharing the joy of discovery with his three children and, in recent years, his three grandchildren. He is survived by his wife, Pat Billingsley; his children and grandchildren; two siblings; and many nieces, nephews and cousins.   

Joe Richardson ’61