Deceased July 7, 2020

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In Memory

Pete Rogers died on July 7, 2020, in hospice after a long illness. Suzi, his wife of 52 years, predeceased him. They are survived by their two children and their families. Pete had lived in Chelmsford, Mass., for many years, where he was a long-standing member of the Central Congregational Church.

He had a very active, self-directed and independent career. At Amherst he majored in behavioral psychology. With several moves, he established what would be his career in technical design, sales and ultimately his own company in the field of orbital welding equipment.

Pete finishes his piece in the 50th yearbook with: “As I conclude this, I am picturing myself in the studios of WAMF in the basement of Walker Hall, spinning vinyl records for ‘Nite Owl’ until 1:00 a.m. You know I’d do it again tonight if I could!” Pete was devoted to WAMF. Joe Brecher ’62 says Pete spent almost all of his time either studying in a classroom on campus or at WAMF, always wearing his freshman beanie. Pete said he liked the ancient technology, because it presented him with never-ending challenges. Paul Steinle ’61 says Pete was in love with radio and used his impressive skills, dedicating “thousands of hours keeping WAMF on the air. He pitched in from day one in that cavernous basement of Walker Hall, which he knew like the back of his hand.” He rose to chief engineer in no time. He was the classic WAMF rat and was chiefly responsible for keeping the station’s transmitter “cooking.” Dave Bornemann ’61 says that, in order to see Pete, you had to go to the station.

Bert Rein ’61 recalls Pete as low-key and a solid student: “I’m not surprised by the many contributions he made to his community.”

Paul Steinle ’61, Joe Brecher’62 and Paul Bracciotti ’61