Deceased May 21, 1970

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In Memory

Tom Kohn was born into a medical family. His own interest in medicine was cultivated during high school at Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, and came into full bloom at Amherst. An honors graduate in biology, he wrote a thesis on the learning process in toads, work which earned him membership in Sigma Xi. While a hard worker and a frequent habitué of the Converse Library “pit,” Tom also developed interests in photography and skiing; he sang in the glee club, and was active in the social life of his fraternity, Phi Gamma Chi.

After Amherst, Tom entered Cornell Medical College, sharing an apartment in Manhattan with fellow student, Jeff Gordon. In 1966 he completed an internship at the University of California Hospital in Los Angeles, and moved on to a residency in dermatology at the University of Michigan. Tom fulfilled his military obligation by serving with the Public Health Service at its Communicable Disease Center in Atlanta.  He then returned to Los Angeles to embark on his career, to fulfill the promise of his years of preparation. However, that promise was cut short by his death on May 21, 1970.  At the time he was living with his brother James, a Los Angeles attorney.

Tom is remembered for his quick wit, spontaneous laughter, and devotion to medicine.