In Memory

Tim Slade died of cancer on Dec. 20, 2013. Tim and I were roommates at Amherst for two years and had almost a sibling relationship, so there is too much to tell. He was a brilliant and eccentric young man from a wealthy family who drank too much and was the hockey goalie. Coming from two years at Phillips Exeter with a prize scholarship in Greek, he chose to be a classics major and spent freshman year as the sole student in a class with Professor John Moore.

We shared a suite in Valentine Hall and a room at Phi Psi. His projects were often wildly extracurricular in nature, including an ambitious scheme of a car with wheels stripped off mounted on a railroad track that he hatched and executed with another class genius, the inventor and computer pioneer Tom West ’61.

After a somewhat wild sophomore year, Tim’s Amherst career was interrupted by a stint as an “underachiever” studying in Minnesota. He returned for senior year to graduate with the class.

After teaching and a failed marriage with Carol Brayden of Smith, he entered recovery at 38 and thereafter lived a sober life, doing a little substance counseling and from then on farming in Winona, Minn. He enjoyed a longtime relationship with another Smith graduate, Helene Smith, who had been married to Harry Neimeyer ’61.

He much enjoyed his three children and three grandchildren, hard work on his farm and a few trips, including one to Greece. My sister, who lived a long time in Minneapolis, kept in touch, visited him and told me he was a great dad. Tim was widely knowledgeable and keen at argument, with unique ways of thinking and expressing himself. Many comment on what a kind and gentle person he was.

Chris Knipp ’61 

50th Reunion

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What follows I sent in somewhat early April to Kevin O'Mara. I add a picture with (lone) grandchild, courtesy of my then~38-year-old daughter and her spouse. Twice a week, these days, I'm reminded of the part of Amherst that was most warm: I tutor a homeschooler in Winona, MN, near which I live on a farm of about 500 (mostly untillable) acres.

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Arriving from two years at Phillips Exeter, I had a prize scholarship in Greek, and spent the whole of freshman year as the only student in a class taught by John Moore. Otherwise freshman year was rather easy, and I slumped as a sophomore, at the end of which year, after returning to Minnesota, C. Scott Porter informed me that I was a designated underachiever.

What followed was an 18-year melange of good and bad ideas: finished Amherst in 60-61. Misc post grad education; in and out of marriage with a Smith girl, Carol Brayden. Three children, too much drinking. Sobering up at 38 was the beginning of a quieter and not particularly ambitious life.

For a while a very full-time dairy farmer- I do like cows-lots of parenting, and another Smith grad, Helene Smith, who was married to Harry Neimeier for 27 years. Now for 21 years (not married) She lives, and has worked (a CPA) for the State of Minnesota, in St. Paul, two hours NW of here.

COPD, Republican, backgammon online (Daily Gammon), one grandchild. Rather quiet prostate cancer (prostatectomy and diapers). Seasonal farm work. Still dislike coercion. Still think coeducation at Amherst was impolite to the local Sisters (came across a dissent by Prof. Kennick a few years ago that still makes sense).