Deceased December 20, 2017

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In Memory

Will Goodhue died peacefully in his sleep on Dec. 20, 2017, after a long illness. Will, also known as Bill, is survived by his wife, Rogette, of Campobello, New Brunswick; a son, David; three daughters, Stephanie, Noelle and Mignonne; and a brother, Douglas Goodhue.

Will majored in English at Amherst. He was a member of Beta Theta Pi and played football for Amherst, starting in his freshman year. Later he went on to row crew in seat four of an eight-man boat, a position referred to as “the engine room.” He never lost his love for Amherst football, following the team until he died, calling his brother after each game to give him a play-by-play account. Brother Doug tells me that Will’s Amherst connection was one of the mainstays of his life. Even though Will went through numerous transitions and changes in his life, Amherst remained his lodestone.

Will had a successful career in the insurance industry, eventually becoming a chartered life underwriter. In retirement at Campobello Island, he was active at St. Ann’s Anglican Church, alternately serving as senior warden, lay reader and bell ringer. Will was known for his love of animals. He was a vinyl connoisseur with an extraordinary collection of jazz recordings and stereophile equipment. He was also known for his frequently bizarre sense of humor, which his brother says Will inherited from their father. This trait is evident in his profile in our 50th reunion book and in class listserv posts.

Ted Ells ’61