From: Gary Sargent
September 26, 2002

Thanks for sharing the very sad news about Al Bergner. Ironically, minutes ago, I was poring over our class data, taking particular and poignant note of those who are no longer with us. I regret very much having to expand that list to include a classmate who always was able to combine in his own way a wonderful combination of thoughtfulness and cheerfulness. He never did, and never could, offend another human being.

Yes, let us keep the faith.

Gary Sargent

From: Jack Hawley
September 27, 2002

Oh dear--I'm so sorry you had to bring this sad news, and even more for the news itself. I didn't realize that Al was ill, much less seriously ill, so this comes as a sudden sorrow.

I appreciate very much the idea of trying to gather Amherst friends. I'm sorry to say that I doubt I'm going to be able to be among you on Friday, though I'm grateful for the address and the time, just in case. I'll be thinking of Al at that moment. To my memory, he was in some true and straightforward sense a gentle soul.

Thanks for writing,

Jack Hawley