Frank V. Best, Jr., passed away at his home on Cape Cod on July 7, 2016.  He was in his 75th year.  A quietly energetic and decisive person despite his lifelong battle with asthma, Frank grew, developed, and reinvented himself throughout a productive lifetime.

Amherst was a challenge for this Weston (MA) High School graduate.  Frank chose to major in history, struggling as many did with freshman physics, but became “immersed in critical thinking” and usefully explored “various styles and techniques of writing and self-expression,” as he was later to describe his college education.  He became fluent in French.  He joined Phi Delt, worked on the Olio, made close friends, and found a passion for poker games.

Fundamentally an artist, Frank earned a B.F.A. at Rhode Island School of Design in 1966, concentrating in graphic design, typography, and especially photography.  He worked for a couple of years in the photographic and creative arts in New York City before returning to academe to achieve his M.B.A. at Babson in 1975.  He wedded Roberta “Bobbi” Kinnear, but their marriage ended in divorce after 29 years.

He became “launched into the world of commercial software” after Babson, spending the next quarter century in the demanding and fast-paced but stimulating high-tech world of Route 128 encircling Boston. 

Loving the sea and worn down by the ultracompetitive high-tech ratrace, Frank moved to the Cape and combined his fascinations with boating and photography into a new field of work, becoming a marine landscape photographer.  He loved developing this into a small business, and many found him a distinctive image maker. 

At our fiftieth reunion he emphasized to me how much he enjoyed the creativity, the challenge, and the independence he experienced in his bold endeavor, taking his camera to sea.  Frank was also a loyal and strong fan of the Red Sox and the Patriots.  His jolliness and his shrewd perceptiveness will be sorely missed.

Wythe Holt ’63