Richard W. (Rick) Crosby '65

Richard Wheeler Crosby, a classmate who stayed a bachelor all his life and loved to travel to visit friends, died October 2, 2017 in Pozos, Mexico.

Rick had begun to spend time in Pozos a few years ago after living in Beaufort, South Carolina, after retiring from his job as administrator of Webster University’s extension division in Beaufort.

Rick “was very much his own person, who did what he wanted to do and always enjoyed what he was doing,” said his sister, Ruth Grayson of Greenville, South Carolina.

The son of Richard and Elizabeth (Wheeler) Crosby, Rick was born November 15, 1940 in Ithaca, New York. He attended the Indian Springs School in Helena, Alabama, about 15 miles south Birmingham, where his father was the founding director and counselled students. Amherst was one college his father suggested they visit as the family toured several in the northeast.

At Amherst, Rick majored in American Studies. He taught political philosophy at Colgate in New York State from 1965 through 1979, meanwhile earning a PhD in government studies from Cornell in 1970.

Rick’s passion for classical music led him at age 38 to leave his teaching job and move to Charleston, South Carolina, to start British American Sound. In the days before everything went digital he sold high fidelity audio equipment. However this venture lasted only three years, after which he went back to academic life with Webster University in Beaufort.

Rick retired around age 70 and a couple of years later settled in Pozos, an old silver mining town in the mountains about 170 miles northwest of Mexico City.

According to Ruth, Rick travelled the world. “This was his thing—that he’d always be saying he was going to live someplace else.” He especially enjoyed time in New Zealand, Wales, and South Africa. On his travels he made and often visited many good friends. In his later years, he continued to maintain a condominium on Santa Helena Island in South Caroline, however.  

He was survived by his sister, two nieces, and four great-nieces and a great-nephew. There was no funeral by Rick’s request. His ashes are being scattered by friends in several places, including in Mazatlán on the west coast of Mexico, on the beach.

Neale Adams ’63 with assistance from Rick's sister Ruth