From Joe Brecher '62
September 28, 2013


I was saddened to learn of Dan’s death.  I have not been in contact with Dan for many years, but was very close to him in the early 1970’s when Dan and I both worked for the Native American Rights Fund, a national Indian legal services firm in Boulder, Colorado.  Dan was a very good lawyer and a passionate advocate for Indian rights, as well as a very engaging and personal guy.  He had previously worked for Colorado Rural Legal Services, so he was well-versed in “good-guy” activity.  I know Dan then worked for a large Denver law firm, still doing Indian law I believe.  As I mentioned, I lost contact with him over the years, but the world has definitely lost a good soul.

From Jim Clauson

Dan and Dave (Perry) were good friends at Amherst.

Dan was a sophomore roommate and the first shake me from my suburban WASP complacency.  I wish he'd shaken even harder.

Dave was a friendly voice of peace and reason in our sometimes chaotic fraternity.