Ted Peck, Jr.

Edwin C. Peck, Jr. died on October 5, 2015 in Irvine, California. He was known to his classmates as “Ted.” I cite him as evidence that the nickname “Ted” for Edwin is not unusual.

Ted came from western New York. He and Sandy married in 1965. He majored in English major and was pre-med. Many pre-meds in our class had non-traditional majors. He described himself in our 20th reunion reflections as a “late bloomer” at Amherst, in his career, and having children. He had 10 years of training at SUNY Upstate in Syracuse, Stanford, USC, and in Mexico where he learned Spanish, which proved useful to him in his career as a committed and caring psychiatrist.

Ted swam and was in the glee club at Amherst. Music, starting with an All State band in high school, was always important to him. His daughter Signy swam at Wesleyan against our daughter Christine (Tina) was at Amherst. Tracy and I were happy to connect with Ted and Sandy at the New England championships.

In later years, Ted’s sports passion transferred to UCLA water polo. His son was on an NCAA championship team. Teddy is now doing his neurosurgery residency at the USC/LA County hospital where his father was a resident in psychiatry.

Ted wrote in 1988 “Feeling vulnerable when tossed in storms of great change was my condition at Amherst at the start of the sixties . . . [W]hat I want to record here is the experience of committed exploring and wide open debate bursting with energy, new ideas and exciting possibilities of coming in contact with and at least some time trying to imitate and create the best in human self expression.”

Ted was a credit to Amherst’s values.

Edwin M. Truman ‘63