Ted Peck, Jr.

Ted Truman


I am saddened by this loss.  Ted Peck and I shared many things.

First, he is the person I cite as an Edwin/Ted.

Second, as I recall, he was a denizen of the fourth floor of Pratt (south) in our sophomore year, but he did not engage in our mammoth non-solitare games.

Third, he was disappointed that his daughter Signy was not accepted to Amherst.  But she was accepted to Wesleyan in the same year as our daughter Tina at Amherst, and the swam against each other in the 50, 100, 200 yd freestyle.  Signy was good, and gave Tina a push, but Tina generally won.  Sandy and Ted came to at least some of the New England meets.

Fourth, when contacted Ted on behalf of Amherst, we often discussed psychiatry (why did we end up with so many psychiatrists in our class?) which was becoming Tina's profession.

Fifth, in our last calls, Ted indicated that his heart had turned to USC (as a recall) and volleyball at which his son excelled.

The other Ted