Deceased January 13, 2024

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In Memory

Frank Poole might be described as a good, kind and gentle man. He was that … and much more. Within, he was a man of strength built on core principles and spiritual faith, all enhanced by humility, an eagerness to learn and a willingness to listen carefully. These are the ingredients of true leadership.

Throughout his pastoral career, Frank worked in numerous parishes and functions around the U.S. and dealt with community social issues as well as individual counseling. Frank and I did not know each other well during our college years. We became deep friends long after we had graduated from Amherst, based on conversations spanning nearly two decades. They took place entirely at college Reunions and at the annual homecoming gatherings at the home of Scottie and Kent Faerber ’63.

These exchanges became quite intimate, as Frank spoke of his personal challenges and growth, and I shared about my alcoholism and wonderful journey of recovery. We found that, while our challenges had been different, the spiritual paths to their solutions had been similar.

This was what bound us together. We had discovered friendship based on faith and trust. I am sure that Frank accomplished this with many, many people in his lifetime. And isn’t that what life is really about? 

Onnie MacKenzie ’63