Mike Wielandy

Tod Houghtlin


Thanks for sharing the sad news about Mike Wielandy's death.  I have some memories of Mike that I will write about in the near future. 

John Hay and I were talking about Mike a mere two weeks ago.  Apparently Mike and John were involved in a caper involving handcuffs and the faked appearance of a criminal accompanied by a federal agent on an airplane to St. Louis. John can provide the details.

Tod Houghtlin

Where did Mike get his name "Mike?"  I do not really remember.  Possibly he was formally named for a good friend of his parents.

I became closer to Mike after college.  We shared an apartment for a year with two other guys in Chicago's Hyde Park area, right near the university.  Mike was getting an MBA at U of C.

Mike was incredibly generous, both in I college and in Chicago.  Generous with his time, his person and his car (!).

Mike deeply appreciated his Amherst education.  He said that Amherst significantly broadened him intellectually.  His son is an alumnus, as noted. 

Mike was interested in international stuff.  He worked for a company in Oslo for a summer while getting his MBA and spent time in Switzerland.  His widow is Swiss.  He was a member of AIESEC, an international business group.

I regret that Mike did not attend reunions.  The last time I saw him was in 1967in Evanston.  His living in Kansas and my living in the Northeast was too hard to sustaining our friendship.

...Geez, I always feel bereft when one our 'mates dies.  Keep healthy everyone!