From Neale Adams
August 12, 2009

For those who haven't heard the sad news, our classmate Ken Gottlieb died in an private airplane crash in Napa, California, last week. This appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle today (Sunday). Those in the area may wish to attend the memorial service Tuesday.

Thanks to Bill and Connie Amend and Kent Faerber for passing on this sad news. Those who knew Ken well might want to send me reminiscenses of his life at Amherst and after which we can include in the Amherst College magazine obituary.

From Patrick Stine

I join those saddened by the death of Ken Gottlieb.  Ken had a mischievous smile and a most contagious laugh.  He also had an extraordinary musical gift.  I recall a virtuoso performance in the snack bar at Valentine Hall when, for the modest prize of a burger and vanilla shake and loyal to both pitch and meter, he farted the opening lines of the Star Spangled Banner (up to 'dawn's early light'), including the difficult double-phrasing of the opening "O-oh".  A legend has passed.