John Miller

Rick Fried
September 10, 2017

"Holmes" was a friend of mine at AC; we were mostly out of touch thereafter.  A History major at AC and graduate training in that field afterward.  The two published obits referenced through our home page give details.  I do know that for a long time he was with the State Department (are they a source?) and served all over the Western Pacific.  He retired to Hawaii, and taught some there.  I had a fleeting phone conversation some years ago when he was briefly among the classmates on my Associate Class Agent list.  He was soon removed, to whose list I know not, but maybe that person is more up to date on him than I.  (Check with Nan King, who was also a Kappa Theta frat bro.)  Between obits for him and his father, I see that he had two brothers,  For some reason I can't import that info, including their home towns, into this e-mail.

I think John Afton was a roommate at some point and might know more. John (Miller) did Crew with him.

I vaguely visualize JHM in a gray coat, so I'm (also) guessing he worked at Valentine.

He was a serious student of History and came by it thru DNA.  His father was Prof. John C. Miller, Stanford Univ., who wrote authoritatively and in volume on the Revolution and Federalist Eras.  Our classmate took an interest in Asian History at Amherst.  Or certainly US/Asian issues.  His Honors Thesis dealt with Sec'y Charles Evans Hughes's policy at the 1921 Washington Conference. That obviously helped set his course through life.

He had a dry and ironic sense of humor about historical and other matters at Amherst.

Rick Fried

Jim Tashjian
September 10, 2017

I located his obituary, which may help a little. A link to it is attached below.   Reading it, we see how much another of our class has accomplished so much so very quietly. 


Andy Leader
September 10, 2017

The only thing I remember about John Miller is his courage as a ballplayer.  I tried out for the Amherst freshman baseball team, and though I wasn't good enough to play, I do have a vivid memory of John being knocked cold during practice when he was running from first base to second and got beaned by a throw to the first baseman.

Unlike me, John went on to play for the team.