Deceased June 22, 2022

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In Memory

Bob Rosenbush died June 22, 2022. A graduate of Madison High School in Brooklyn, N.Y., Bob co-captained the varsity track team with Bernie Sanders! At Amherst, Bob majored in economics and was a member of Theta Delta Chi fraternity. After Amherst, he studied at American University, receiving an M.A. in Latin American studies in 1967. A decade thereafter, he received an M.A. in psychology from Antioch University, where he later taught.

Throughout his life, Bob constantly searched for, as he put it, “a path to fulfillment.” He pursued a career in which he strove to meld conventional psychological disciplines with non-academic teachings: Erich Fromm and the Buddha, Carl Jung and Mother Meera, cognitive science and Rumi. Partway through his journey, he entered a monastery as a resident, performing monastic services for seven years before returning to the material world. For almost 40 years, Bob provided psychological services, psychotherapy and spiritual counseling to those in need, primarily in the greater San Francisco area. After taking a break, he proudly let his friends know in 2015 that, after months of hard work on his part, the California Board of Behavioral Sciences had reactivated his professional license.

I met Bob (aka Bush) as a fellow resident of Morrow at the start of freshman year, and we became close friends thereafter. Random events I remember: watching the 1969 moon landing together with our housemates at a Fire Island summer rental; spending a magical New Year’s Eve with my wife, Joan, and Bob and his first wife, Amanita, at an Oakland blues club; attending Bob’s second wedding amid a circle of redwood trees in Marin County on a 100-plus- degree July day; and his celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary with our closest friends and family. RIP, Bush, one of the sweetest guys I’ve known.

Mark Meyerson ’63