Deceased November 27, 2022

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In Memory

Jon died Nov. 27, 2022, after a courageous struggle with pancreatic cancer. He’s survived by wife Betsy and daughters Eliza and Madeline.

On Nov. 13, 2021, Jon told us a CAT scan revealed that cancer had spread to his liver.

On Jan. 21, Jon related, “My chemotherapy sessions are mostly boring. I’m immunocompromised, so with COVID out there, I don’t think we can do lunch until spring when it’s warm. We could eat outside and I could be a good a distance away, as you probably prefer me.”

Spring arrived. Our ’66 lunch bunch—Klein, Rosiny, Lyster, Huberth and Sawyer— convened at La Vera Cucina in Monroe, N.Y. Lots of laughs. Jon picked up the check.

On June 29, Jon emailed, “Continuing to successfully beat back pancreatic cancer, so we’re off for a Viking Cruise of the eastern Mediterranean.”

July 28: “Had mostly positive, and some ambivalent feelings about Biddy. She tried to serve the College at a moment in time. Her letter … couldn’t finish … maybe the fatigue of my condition … only thing I know for sure, we should all have lunch.” On Sept. 4, we did, unaware it was to be our last, at the newly renovated Limoncello in Goshen, N.Y.

Nov. 9: “The new chemo regime doesn’t seem effective. Next few weeks we’ll make a decision, but things are not going in the more positive direction.”

Rosiny and I never got the chance to heckle Jon running a Monroe-Woodbury school board meeting, but catching him in a few performances at his local community theater will suffice. He was a wonderful chronicler of ’66; his films illuminate our class webpages. The arc of his extraordinary life is best told in his own acerbic, ironic voice in his “auto-obituary,” preserved for posterity on our In Memory page.

Peter Sawyer ’66