Deceased December 17, 2022

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In Memory

We razzed him about his four names—he took it with a chuckle. We mostly knew him as “Goose.”

Dick Caley had Connecticut in his bones, through and through. Born in West Hartford as the youngest of four, his early education—through high school—was at the Kingswood School, only 2½ miles from his boyhood home. At Kingswood, Dick was both a top scholar and an extraordinary athlete—quarterback in football, center on the basketball team, and team captain and ace pitcher in baseball—later inducted into the school’s athletic hall of fame. At Amherst, Dick was a tall, lithe, good-natured Alpha Delt brother, with a perpetual wry grin, readily giving way to an uproarious laugh. He was a “real” Amherst athlete—top pitcher and senior captain of baseball on Coach Bill Thurston’s very first team.

Back in Connecticut after college, Dick received a master’s degree from UConn and met Carol Bishop, the love of his life. They married in 1969 and settled in Granby, 15 miles from Kingswood (later renamed Kingswood Oxford), where Dick—later joined by Carol—spent the rest of his 37-year professional career as a teacher, science department chairperson and beloved stalwart of the community. Their two children, Josh and Jess, both were K-O graduates and joined the family legacy.

Dick and Carol Caley retired in 2007, and Dick devoted his retirement years to caring for Carol, who had a slowly progressive chronic illness. Along with his children, Dick became an active advocate and fundraiser for volunteer organizations supporting patients with Alzheimer’s disease and their families and research aimed at prevention and cure.

Richard Caley passed away unexpectedly on Dec. 17, 2022. He leaves brother David, wife Carol, children Josh and Jess, three grandchildren, and the Amherst family who loved and admired him.

David Greenblatt ’66