Deceased August 5, 2023

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In Memory

Stephen Hurley '66

Stephen Nash Hurley, 80, of Boston, died peacefully surrounded by his family on Aug. 5 after a lengthy illness. Born to Miriam (Greene) and Donald J. Hurley, he was a graduate of The Cambridge School of Weston and began college at Ohio University. Stephen transferred to Amherst his junior year and went on to the Graduate School of Business at Harvard University. He also served in the U.S. Coast Guard.

At Amherst, Stephen became lifelong friends with Ed Fisher ’68. Ed stayed close with Stephen throughout the years, attending his children's weddings and spending time by his side as his illness progressed. At Stephen’s memorial in Boston this past fall, Ed reflected on his friend’s qualities. “His encouragement was always to recognize the various realities of our lives, not kid ourselves, but to focus on what we could do, being realistic and being happy.” 

Professionally, Stephen had a talent for financial markets. He was an investor in the global forest products industry for more than 30 years and was the founder, chairman and CEO of Xylem Investments, Inc., an international forest products investment firm based in Boston. Stephen played a pivotal role in the Fletcher Challenge Forests/Southeast Asia Wood deal, and his advocacy for New Zealand's forests was recognized in Xylem's partnership with the World Wildlife Fund.

Stephen is survived by his four children: Kimberly Hurley Birmingham and Nash Else Hurley (by his first marriage) and Patricia Rockefeller Hurley and William Pumroy Hurley (by his second marriage). He also leaves four grandchildren.

Known for his intellect, love of tennis and unmistakable laugh, Stephen was happiest fishing on the waters near his childhood summer home in Chilmark, Mass. His captaining of small craft around Martha’s Vineyard will be missed.

Nash Hurley and Ed Fisher ’68