Deceased May 7, 2010

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In Memory
“Amherst has lost one of its most caring sons,
graduate, parent, friend, mentor, employee, and supporter to all…”
R. Marshall Schell '72

Marshall Schell, Class of 1972, passed away suddenly on May 7, 2010, the day before his 61st birthday. His lifelong commitment to Amherst began with the Ives Washburn Fellowship, after which he married his beloved wife Janice (Smith ’73) whom he had met at Amherst as a student. His tenure at Amherst continued on and off until his death, and lasted throughout six Amherst presidents.

A worshipped and tireless Amherst parent, a loving husband, and an adored sibling, (Joe ’68),  friend, mentor, uncle (Preston ’96) and volunteer, Marshall devoted his life to the service of everyone around him – to Amherst, to Historic Deerfield, where he worked until his death, and above all, to his friends and to his family.

Marshall touched everyone around him with his humor, his sense of caring, and his astounding ability to give of himself – be it his time, his spirit, his advice, his loyalty, or most often, all of these combined. He taught all around him the meaning of unconditional love, of what is right, and to root for the underdog (perhaps evidenced by his long time love of the Red Sox).  

Marshall leaves his children (Kirby ’06 and Todd ’09) always with both the message and the meaning of “be good.”

K. M. Schell ’06