Deceased September 1, 2022

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Thomas Maynard '72
Tom Maynard passed away on September 1, 2022, in a hospital in Hartford, Connecticut, with his wife, Maria, at his side. He succumbed to a rare form of leukemia, after a valiant struggle, which included an experimental stem-cell treatment plan. Tom graduated with honors in English and went on to careers first in education and then business (advertising and marketing) and then back again to education as principal of an elementary school. 

In many respects, Thomas E. Maynard was the “classic” Amherst student, with many facets. An honors graduate from Fitch Senior High School in Groton, Connecticut, Tom came to Amherst with the help of a scholarship. He played rugby and was on the varsity baseball team for several years. Tom was also a musician and played in the rock band Cicero Weede along with classmates Gary Heard ’72, Mansur Abdullah (formerly Victor Richardson) and several others. But above all, Tom had a deep and unquenchable thirst for pursuing learning and personal intellectual growth. Perhaps this best explains why Tom earned a doctorate in education in 2021, after his professional career had concluded.

He and I were fraternity brothers at Theta Delta, though I knew very little about his other activities at the College. Tom is remembered by those who knew him better as being a decent person, all around, and a solid competitor on the field. I recall him as extremely good-natured, thoughtful and measured in his responses to all things. His engaging, wide smile always puts me at ease.

When I approached Tom about helping me call classmates for our 50th Reunion, he enthusiastically agreed. This was just a few months before his leukemia was diagnosed. He was able to attend our Reunion in June 2022, but just for the Friday night, where I last saw him. His illness took a serious turn for the worse that evening and he was driven to a hospital in Hartford early Saturday morning by Ron Marinucci ’71 and Mike Marino ’71, who were also at Amherst celebrating their belated 50th Reunion. Tom and I spoke again sometime in July or early August; Tom sounded good over the phone. He was optimistic about the stem cell therapy which was planned.

Tom Maynard is survived by his second wife of 32 years, four children and seven grandchildren. He was a devoted Roman Catholic; his last position was as the head of school at East Catholic High School. May light perpetual shine upon him.

G. D. Clamurro ’72