Deceased June 3, 2020

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In Memory

Wally and Nan Greenough
Wally Greenough died on June 3 after a short bout with a brain tumor. We remember Wally’s discriminating mind, quick wit and predilection for pranks—qualities which he retained through adulthood (in his annual holiday newsletters, for example). We remember his forays into music (Collegium Musicum), sports (frosh soccer), theater,
Wally Greenough '72
journalism, political satire and practical jokes—a Renaissance man in Bill Ward’s description. We remember how comfortably he wore the effects of a privileged upbringing and education. We remember how quickly he shifted from cynical humor to heartfelt concern—as easily as brushing back his cowlick (constantly). We remember him not dating anyone seriously until he met Nan Sedergren and then never dating anyone else.

Wally Greenough Dancing with Wife Nan
The arc of Wally’s adulthood reveals a fulfilling and happy life, bending toward dedication, humor and caring. He found in Nan a lifelong partner who was an appreciative equal in mind and wit. He found a rewarding career in Chicago, at home in the same firm for some 44 years, with unbreakable connections to colleagues. He found community in Winnetka, with plenty of service and community theater. He found fatherhood with Alex (affectionately known as “the wretched child”), with much pride in his son’s accomplishments in school and in engineering. He found generativity, with mentoring younger lawyers and thespians. Add in strong friendships, some memorable travel, a koi pond and generations of West Highland White Terriers, shake with some pranks and serve with a big smile. We wish he stayed longer.

Steve Gang ’72