Deceased August 26, 2023

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In Memory

Chris Linden died Aug. 26 at his home in Shrewsbury, Mass., the victim of an incredibly fast-moving cancer. Mike Moran ’74 last saw Chris in June of 2022 at Bronco Werner ’74’s place in Vermont, together with Scott Frew ’74 and Bo Salem ’74. He seemed the picture of health. “This is shocking news to his friends, since he didn’t let us know of his illness until near the end.”

Mike met Chris early freshman year in James. “We immediately recognized in each other a fellow troublemaker. That winter, Chris and I stole a keg from a party at Phi Deltwhat the hell, they left it outside unguarded! We hid it in the snow in the bird sanctuary and put James on tap the next weekend. That was certainly not the last of the idiotic stunts we pulled together, but perhaps the most widely appreciated.”

He adds: “Chris was probably as close as you can get these days to being a polymath. He went to med school at UMass and, after graduation, became a captain in the Army Reserve Medical Corps. He was a practicing physician, a med school professor and the author of numerous publications, primarily on the subject of toxicology. I like to think that some of the stuff we did together at Amherst were first baby steps for him in his research in that field. He was a skilled stonemason, an electrician (pretty sure you need a license for that), a horticulturalist, an avid and accomplished skier—you get the picture. Most importantly, Chris was a caring, witty, kindhearted person who was just fun to be around. I will miss him, as I know many of you will.”

Chris leaves behind his wife, Jeanne, and five children and grandchildren. 

Jim Warren ’74