Deceased February 22, 2013

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In Memory

David Naylor died on Feb. 22, 2013, in Del Ray Beach, Fla., at age 57. Other attempts to characterize his extensive work have tried “architectural critic,” “consultant” or “academic.” And certainly, he was all of those. He brought a unique combination of architectural training, a photographer’s eye and a gift for describing America’s, and some of the world’s, architectural wonders in train stations and movie theaters.

But his work covered so much more. He was as proud of, and as engaged in, a recent electronic book on waste recycling and the creative ways of reducing waste as he was in any of his architectural masterpieces. His current projects included some architectural work. In an email in December, he quoted a Spencer Tracy movie to describe a possible book on the women’s national soccer team as “a plenty long shot.” But he was going to publish it, along with the other five projects he was working on.

And that was Dave. There was nothing half-hearted or tentative about anything he did, from writing books that probably saved architectural landmarks to hiccupping. You didn’t watch sports with David Naylor—you became the game. You didn’t say a movie was alright—it was his No. 1 favorite. He didn’t tell you he liked something you wrote—he said that if you had a blog he’d read it first thing in the morning.

Dave is survived by his mother, a stepbrother and two stepsisters, along with many nieces and nephews. But mostly he is survived by his eclectic work, his ebullient personality and the many memories we’ll have of his antics. He mentioned recently that he was grateful for the support of his classmates in his travels and research. I hope you’ll add your recollections to the In Memory section of the website, as Dave would have done with style and spirit.

Grant Patrick ’77 and Gerry Brown ’77