Deceased October 7, 2013

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In Memory

Our ever-smiling, kind and humorous (in his unique way) classmate David died Oct. 7, 2013, at his home in Munich. Assumed cause of death: an aneurism. He had been in excellent health and an avid skier. He leaves his wife of 32 years, Sylvia (whom he met in the seventh grade); two adult daughters, Evelyn and Nicole; two sisters, Esther (Smith ’76) and Gita; and his mother. David was buried at the Jewish cemetery in Munich.

David arrived at Amherst at age 16, the youngest original member of our class. Major: Econ. Honors thesis topic: “OPEC’s strategies and its success as a cartel.” Fraternity: Phi Gam.

He came from Vienna, the city of his birth and the once and future home of his parents. His father left in 1938 one step ahead of the Nazis, and his mother followed later.

David’s father became a U.S. citizen and had a career with the U.S. Agency for International Development. David grew up in several countries besides Austria: Spain, Brazil and Nigeria. Before coming to Amherst he had spent only about one year in the United States. David and Esther originally were citizens of no country, due to idiosyncrasies of U.S. immigration law. A congressman intervened on their behalf, and they technically became “birth citizens,” capable of becoming president of the United States, Esther told me.

David chose another career path: Wharton, followed by stints at Citibank, Bain Consulting and Siemens, where he spent the most of his career, in Germany. His most recent title was vice president, consultant management.

Words spoken by his daughters at his funeral best convey the essence of our departed friend: “David would [always] make sure that that the people around him would feel at ease. … His friends appreciated his infinite kindness, generosity and his positive attitude.”

Richard Stolz ’77