Deceased September 8, 2012

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In Memory

Lawrence T. Cline has left us to join the Lord as of Sept. 8, 2012. Larry came to Amherst from Williamsport, Md., where he was a basketball and track star. He brought these talents as well as his wonderful persona to enlighten those around him. He demonstrated his skills as well in the Chi Psi house both in sports, rebuilding the bar and “engineering” the parties. From there, he traveled to University of Virginia where he obtained his master’s in engineering. We roomed together and had wonderful memories for many years to follow. He worked for Procter and Gamble where he had several different assignments throughout his career in manufacturing and engineering. He developed a rare familial illness (ALS/Frontotemporal Dementia), and we have lost a great man and my best friend. We were best men at each other’s weddings, and I watched his family grow through his direction as a father. He leaves behind his wife, Gail, and his five children, Brandon, Justin, Spencer, Serina and Jason. Larry represents why Amherst is so great as a college. He was smart, energetic, incredibly well rounded and one of the kindest gentlemen you would ever know. Like the rest of us, I will miss him but remain grateful for the precious time we had together.

Charles Wilmer ’77