Deceased April 2, 2011

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 In Memory

Peter Falvey, Class of ’78, died in his sleep on April 2, 2011, at the age of 67, but the contribution he made to this world was anything but quiet. I didn’t know Peter at college, nor have I found many classmates who did, but since taking on the task of assembling class notes, Peter was an active and regular contributor, sharing many of his lively and politically charged editorial cartoons. And now, while considering the passion that this man had for art—he was actively involved in the Pioneer Valley Hosting Program and helped start the Alumni Artists Network, a fantastic online feature that I’m sure many of you us did not even know existed—it saddens me to think that I couldn’t seem to figure out how to get Peter Falvey’s paintings and punchy political cartoons included occasionally as a visual contribution to our class notes. Peter’s highly critical eye at political conservatism in America was captured in his innovative cartoon column “Misters Drip & Drop with the 6:01 News,” which he signed with the pen name Saint Peter II. In addition to painting, Peter taught psychology at Western New England College and worked as a psychotherapist in Springfield, Mass. He leaves his wife, Fern Malkine-Falvey, and a son from a prior marriage, Ian. In his last email to me, dated Feb. 23, 2011, he informs us that he’d become the first Citizen Editorial Cartoons (CET) editor of op-ed news and had penned the Wikipedia entry on this and citizen journalism. He signed off with a poignant PS: “Given your interest in the fortunes of those who cause misfortune, you might find time to take a glance at Peter Falvey ’78.”

We will, Peter.

David Applefield ’78