Deceased June 26, 2020

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In Memory

Dr. Bradley Adam Weinberg of Indianapolis passed away on June 28, 2020, 21 months after being diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme, a nearly universally fatal form of brain cancer.

Brad attended Livingston (N.J.) High School before coming to Amherst. After college, he went to NYU for medical school, where he met and later married his wife of 30-plus years, Betty Routledge. They both went to the University of Cincinnati for residencies in internal medicine. In 1987, they moved to Indianapolis, where Betty entered practice as a primary care physician, while Brad continued his training. After completing his fellowship in interventional cardiology, Brad joined Indiana Heart Associates (later Community Health Network), with whom he would practice until his retirement in 2018. Brad and Betty raised three sons, Barry, Samuel and Matthew.

His family wrote: “Brad truly loved people; he considered the practice of medicine, the opportunity to hear patients’ stories and to become part of their lives an enormous privilege. He also had the rare combination of being an incredibly patient-focused physician and a brilliant scientist. Over the course of his career in medicine, Brad performed thousands of lifesaving procedures in the cath lab. A dedicated teacher, he taught scores of students and residents over the years and, ironically, was to receive a teaching award from the Indiana Chapter of the American College of Physicians the day after he died.

“A ‘fitness nut,’ Brad famously told his patients, ‘You only need to exercise on the days that you eat.’ He spent many happy hours running on the trails of Eagle Creek Park near his home, sometimes with one of his sons joining him in a baby jogger when they were toddlers. A kind, loving and gentle man with boundless childlike wonder, he will be remembered and cherished.”

Keith Stephenson ’79