Deceased August 2, 2011 

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In Memory 

Ira Adlai Saletan died at home in Napa, Calif., on Aug. 2, 2011, surrounded by his family. Ira was born on March 26, 1956, and raised in Hastings-on-Hudson, N.Y., until the age of 12, when he moved to La Porte, Texas. He graduated from Amherst in 1979 with a degree in American studies and received a master’s degree in urban planning from the University of California, Berkeley. He married Judith Kopec in 1986; the marriage ended in divorce. After 25 years in Sacramento, Calif., Ira moved to Napa to join Suzanne Shiff; they married in 2008. He had a lifelong engagement, both professionally and as a volunteer, in community issues, including fair housing, education and healthcare.

Suzanne celebrates Ira: handsome, funny, intelligent, well-read, teacher, Jewish, loving, attentive, interesting, adventurous, generous, thrifty, warm, sporty, alive, caring, daring, spontaneous, watchful, quiet, talkative, mysterious, thoughtful, peaceful, Quaker-ish, snacker, puzzle-solver, happy, sad, prayerful, lost, found, napper, computer lover, email aficionado, friend, brother, son, lover, quirky, writer, poet, romantic, playful, good kisser, cook, joyful, considerate, coupon clipper, shopper, walker, sweetheart. In addition to Suzanne, Ira is survived by his mother, Jeanne; and by his siblings, Paul, Becky, Will and Lou and their families. His father, David, predeceased him this year.

A private ceremony was held for family.

Rebecca Saletan