Deceased August 3, 2017

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In Memory

Little did I know when I last saw Richard “Juice” Kelly at the celebration of the life of Tom Barquinero ’79 that ALS would take him from us just over a year later.

Juice was fondly nicknamed by Coach Ostendarp for his steadfast and enthusiastic role as manager of the Amherst College football team, which included the daily provision of mixing many gallons of “juice” to keep the team hydrated!

His hyperkinetic enthusiasm for all things Amherst created a larger-than-life persona that endeared him to so many in our college community. It was quite common to see Rich in the stands at many sporting events boisterously leading the cheers by spelling out AMHERST with his body. Juice bled purple and white!

We became fast friends freshman year and were roommates at the DU fraternity house sophomore and junior years.

After college, we kept in touch regularly, and while he would always enjoy updating me on his investment banking activities, he really was most enthusiastic and proudest about updating me on the growth and progress of his beloved children: Brian, Meghan and James. He loved to attend their many athletic activities, and I’m sure he led the cheers.

One of our most enjoyable moments together was meeting up with his son Brian after an Amherst event and hearing about his impressive college football experiences.

We can all be comforted that the pain and sadness of saying goodbye to Juice way too soon will ultimately be replaced by the fond and enduring memories of a wonderful person, a great guy with an infectious zest for life and a passion for the people and things that he held dearest!

Russell Isaac ’79