Class of 1981 - In Memory

These pages are dedicated to the deceased alumni of our class.  On each page can be found an Amherst College In Memory Notice, obituaries when available and Memories from classmates, family and friends.

Note: Names bolded below will take you to an In Memory page for the alumnus/a. Names not bolded will take you to the profile for the deceased in the alumni directory and will require log in.

Remembering Classmates and Others

Those who have gone before remain with us in both memory and spirit.

Classmate Name Deceased Date
Michael G. Price 02/23/2022
Alan T. Prevost 02/22/2022
Anna J. Leider 02/12/2022
Russell E. Sampson Jr. 09/18/2021
Cameron E. Hutchins 07/09/2021
Robert M. Klingon 08/02/2020
Barbara A. Ceconi 03/26/2020
Charles H. Riley Jr. 10/09/2019
Michael W. Clancy 02/04/2017
Francisco G. Flores 01/30/2016
Thomas A. Bruno 04/13/2015
David A. Bershtein 02/16/2014
Michael A. Thomas 04/17/2013
Amy J. Hertz 02/08/2007
Eric N. Miller 08/31/2005
David G. McLeod 01/30/2004
Deborah L. Rosoff 12/12/2001
Stanley J. Kay Jr. 01/04/2001
Richard H. Bonneau 08/28/2000
John A. Ralph 11/07/1997
James C. De Pina 07/06/1996
Julie L. (Keith) Jarrett 07/17/1994
Paul D. Friedman 03/26/1994
Rae Jean E. Skelly (Haydanek) 01/27/1994
Ingol Park 03/01/1986



College Faculty/Staff Deceased Date
Bishop George Cadigan
Prof. Ben DeMott
Dean Ed Wall
Prof. G. Armour Craig
President John William Ward 08/03/1985
Prof. Liz Bruss 05/1981