Kevin Shawn Bellis

Kevin Bellis passed away on September 22, 1997. He died unexpectedly at his home in Tewksbury, Massachusetts. He leaves his wife Theresa and two sons, William Francis and Shawn Patrick. Kevin lost both his parents to illness and his brother was killed in a car accident in 1995. Since graduation, Kevin had lived in the Boston area and had worked primarily for Massachusetts Financial Services.

Although Kevin lived off-campus for three years, he was known to many in our Class from his freshman year in Valentine Hall. I am certain that anyone who lived with us in Valentine that year will remember Kevin. He was, without question, the funniest person I have ever met. His intelligence and creativity were seen through his incredible wit and an uncanny talent as a wordsmith. These traits may seem exceedingly inconsequential at this time, but that was Kevin. He was a character. As I write this, I find myself laughing at some of the classic Bellis lines that we came to know so well. As strange as that may sound, it is a testament to Kevin's ability to do just that - make those around him laugh.

The funeral mass took place in Melrose. The church was full of family and many friends from the town. Kevin was popular in his hometown, having starred in football and baseball at Melrose High School. I was struck by the number of people in attendance, and I left the church that day more upset then when I first entered. It was not a pleasant day, nor did it offer any answers or resolve any confusion in my mind over Kevin's passing. I had attended Kevin's wedding in the very same church not that long ago, which made the funeral that much more disconcerting. My faith has taught me to accept God's wishes, but something like this makes very little sense. It is important for us to remember Kevin's wife, Theresa, and his two young sons at this time. For them, this must be a tragedy beyond comprehension.

For those who knew Kevin, try to remember his best joke, his funniest line or his most humorous impersonation. You will probably laugh to yourself, and when you finish, simply remember Kevin at his best and say a short prayer for his two young sons.

-Tim Flaherty '86

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