Deceased August 7, 2020

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In Memory

Conspicuous in his absence.

“The world has lost Jon Webster, Radical Jon, RH, the Rad Master. He of the Large Dripping Sandwich and the shaved-head belly rub. A man who loved and studied German, and philosophy, and peace, and dog girls, and Jimi Hendrix, and funk, and skateboarding and doing things your own way. He drank more, smoked more, loved hard and well. I don’t yet know how, and I’ll never understand why. The world is a poorer, meaner place without him. My heart goes out to his family, our mutual friends too many to name, his friends in North Carolina, his family and the Baroness,” writes Hannah (Cooperman) Bray ’86.

RJ’s beautiful Shakespearean heart gave way. He suffered a stroke and could no longer attend reunion, so Will Hannum ’86 and Chris Bragdon ’86 traveled yearly to bring reunion to RJ, whose physical form was on a different track from his spirit. As his body failed, he exulted in life, increased in the vigor of love for existence.

He was born to Robert Webster ’59 and the late Beverlee Webster. He is survived by his father; stepmother Gay Webster; brothers Malcolm Webster ’88 (wife Paula) and Alexander Webster (wife Amber); nieces and nephews; and his beloved Plott Hound, the Baroness Olive von Oyle.

“There was a beingness to him. His contributions were extraordinary, deeply personal with a philosophical basis. He had this great caring quality about him. He was thinking deeply about how we approach our decisions in life, and he was comfortable in those deep waters. When the time came and he was gone, he was conspicuous in his absence,” wrote Mark Valladares ’86