Deceased February 23, 2016

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In Memory

Oliver Michael Todd, June 21, 1965–Feb. 23, 2016, was diagnosed with PCNS lymphoma in August 2015. He was declared cancer-free in February, just weeks before cruel side effects of the stem cell treatment shut down all his organs and he just could not recover. Oliver died peacefully in Copenhagen, Denmark.

At Amherst, Oliver wore trench coats, lived in a house in the middle of a parking lot and studied English literature. He played soccer and participated in theater. After graduation, Ollie traveled and worked in LA and NYC, then settled in Boston, where he got his master’s degree in education in 1992 at Boston University. Being an educator became Oliver’s life’s work. He found his calling and his home teaching at the Copenhagen International School, where he is deeply missed by his colleagues and students.

Oliver had a poet’s soul and a quick wit. A writer himself, he loved both good writing and lively conversation. Frugal but generous, with no need for material things, Ollie spent his extra time and money traveling. He loved visiting family and friends across Europe and the States during vacations—even surprising us with a Thanksgiving visit in blizzard conditions—often joining our brother’s family on his vacations in Kilmore Quay, Ireland. He enjoyed skiing in the Alps with his Amherst classmate Jonathan Karlsen, and was an avid supporter of his beloved Arsenal football club. Ollie was proud when the “old man’s” league team he played on in Copenhagen won the Championship.

Oliver began practicing mindfulness a number of years ago and brought this practice into his life, his work and school. This was a great asset for him during the trials of the cancer treatment over the last seven months, aiding him in being gracious and patient.

Eliza Haselton