Deceased May 28, 2008

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In Memory

Barbara Hollister Smith died on May 28 in North Carolina, at age 63. Barbara transferred to Amherst at the start of our junior year from The College of the Albemarle in North Carolina. Barbara is survived by her husband Charles, with whom she lived in Kill Devil Hills, N.C. At the time of her death, she was working in local government.

Barbara lived off campus with the family who owned the Robert Frost House. She was especially close to Judith Trzcienski, from the admission office, with whom she worked during her time at Amherst. Judith remembers that even though Barbara was an English major, “she loved the German language, from the time she and her husband had been stationed in Germany in the ’70s. She loved sitting and studying down by the river at Hampshire College campus and enjoyed showing the area to her husband when he would come up for the weekend. She was proud to introduce me to her family, mom and sisters at her graduation and was very proud to have received her diploma from Amherst College. Barbara did enjoy her time away from the campus, when she and her husband spent time in my home with my family. Barbara was proud of her home and loved showing the area attractions when we visited. Her home life was active for many years, and she was a true animal lover. She always had several cats and dogs. She and Chuck loved taking the dogs to the ocean which was not far from their home on the Outer Banks in North Carolina. She often spoke about being grateful to able to work from home for the secretarial position she held for the county where they lived. She was also a faithful member of the Colington United Methodist Church, where a memorial service will be held at a later date. She will be greatly missed."

Ellen McDermott ’90