Deceased September 5, 2014

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In Memory

A letter to Moe Zeidan - 08E, student body president, 3 time RC, Amherst soccer goalie, community leader, Tufts Med Student, and a truly beloved friend who is missed and loved dearly

Beloved Moe,

We will miss and love you forever.

So many memories run through our minds: from countless conversations and the unbridled inspiration that came from them; to you singing Mariah Carey's "Always Be my Baby" and your dance moves; all those times when you showed us what true integrity, character, and compassion was all about; and your friendship.

Your heart, our brother, spread far and wide across campus, the Amherst community, and beyond. All the time you spent with your friends, the soccer team, and the residents of the dorms where you were a RC reminds us of your ability to see people - their gifts and their pains - and help them become the very best version of themselves. You do this so naturally and it's one of the many reasons (alongside your unparalleled Borat impersonation) why you are so universally loved.

In fact, you were so loved that do you remember the time you decided to run for student body president? Well, this would have made complete sense, however, you weren't even at Amherst that semester and as a result weren't allowed put your name on the ballot. Thus, anyone who wanted to vote for you had to write Moe Zeidan on ballot by hand. That surely would have been enough to keep most people from even running, but not you my friend, not you. And a few short months after you decided to run, you were elected student body president. And your legacy on campus lives on through so many. In the words of then President Tony Marx:

"I so fondly remember starting at Amherst with Moe and was inspired by his energy, smarts, and sense of fun. He had so much promise and it seems so cruel to have lost him. But his spirit and his smile will continue to inspire us all."

You were known for a lot of great things, Moe: 3 time RC, leader of a Spring break trip to volunteer after Hurricane Katrina, beloved goalie for the Amherst soccer team, in your words, 'being ridiculously good looking,' and so much more.

But, let's be honest, you were also known for some more infamous things:

Many from Amherst may remember walking into Antonio's for a slice of pizza and seeing Moe's picture gracing the wall under the words 'Antonio's Legends.' (Note: Moe earned this great honor after he and a dear friend finished an entire avocado quesadilla Sicilian pizza, twice).

And then there was the dance floor: oh man, did you know how to dance. Some may remember an impromptu dance off that happened at the 2012 reunion (your five year), which you won hands down thanks to your smooth pop and lock that would make even Usher proud.

To say you were charismatic is an understatement - you were one of the most well loved people we've ever known. But what was under all that charisma, those dashing good looks, and all the laughter was a beautiful humility and heart of gold. The Moe we all know and love manifested himself in your character, your relationships, and your vision for your life and the world.

It's no surprise that after volunteering with a clinic in Uganda during your first years at Tufts med school, you were asked to come back and serve as the executive director of the US organization supporting the clinic. With your leadership and vision, what started as a clinic, soon became the first rural nursing school in the country of Uganda. All the lives you changed for the better in Uganda through your work, friendship, and medical expertise will carry your spirit forward on the other side of the world.

In med school at Tufts you became a Schweitzer Fellow to help improve the patient experience and understanding of their treatment plan by engaging med students more deeply in the treatment process.

Most importantly, you built a beautiful relationship with an equally beautiful woman, Karen Axten, who feels your loss so deeply as does your family.

Our friend, when we tragically lost you on September 5, 2014, Amherst and our world lost someone great. Simply put: The world was better with you here. We will do everything we can to carry forward all that you brought to this world. From your ability to walk with others through the challenges and obstacles they faced, to your contagious integrity and laughter which you brought time and again to countless people. You lived with great joy, Moe, and brought that same joy to so many. You will resonate forever through all those that you touched and the stories and memories we share with you, our beloved Moe.

Written on behalf of all those at Amherst and elsewhere who were touched and inspired by Moe.