Deceased January 19, 2021

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In Memory

Robert F. Gooden III passed away suddenly on Jan. 19, 2021. His death comes as a shock and a heartbreaking sadness to all who knew him and were lucky enough to call him their friend. 

At Amherst, Rob began with the class of 2013 and quickly became a beloved member of the soccer team. As Coach Justin Serpone said, “Coaches aren’t supposed to have favorites, but Rob was one of mine.” Despite his immense skill, Rob was humble and friendly, disarming any sense of rivalry that might have arisen due to his soccer talents. His teammates remember Rob as one of the best, a natural who was “smarter than 99 percent of players on the field.” 

Beyond the pitch, Rob was a compassionate, devoted friend who was known to be a great listener, someone who would bike or drive hours to be with you when times were tough or would happily catch up on the phone at a moment’s notice. Time spent with Rob was filled with laughter and his enthusiasm for delicious food, whether he insisted on cooking for the group or dining at his latest favorite restaurant. His passion for pizza and his love of ice cream were well-known amongst all of his friends, and many of us recall epic meals with Rob at great pizza joints or ice cream parlors. We are devastated at his death.

Rob was a 2021 MBA candidate at Goizueta Business School of Emory University. He is survived by his parents, Frank and Tonya Gooden, and his sister, Jordan.

Tian Buzbee ’13