Deceased March 29, 2018

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In Memory

Christopher Collins, of Wakefield, R.I., died March 29. His immense love for his family and friends will be felt forever.

A mathematics major and a former member of the Amherst baseball team, "Chris was loved for his thoughtfulness and kindness, his genuine curiosity about others and his love of family, friends, music, baseball and writing, among many other qualities," President Biddy Martin wrote in a letter to the community.

"You taught us how to be courageous," wrote his baseball teammates. "When you confronted depression, you faced it with your best smile," they wrote, and with an openness that "helped us better learn about being strong in the face of adversity and accepting vulnerability in a world that too often attempts to mask it."

A graduate of South Kingstown High in Wakefield, Chris had a passion for music, baseball and learning. He loved his dogs, playing guitar and piano, hiking, climbing trees, the beach, getting coffee and spending time with family and friends. He had a bright smile and warm, gentle nature. He was considerate, sincere, loving and unselfish.

His family established the Christopher Collins Memorial Fund to shine a light on mental illness, noting that Chris battled anxiety and depression, and that it is important to wash away the societal stigma of mental illness, to recognize its prevalence and to learn to identify and care for those who suffer.

Chris is survived by his parents, Mark and Elizabeth (Roberts) Collins; two siblings, Jenna and Taylor; and grandparents Randall and Margaret Collins and Sandra O’Brien and her partner, Ed Colby. He also leaves many uncles, aunts, cousins and friends.

His family and friends gathered with students, faculty and staff in Johnson Chapel on March 30 to remember his life and his impact on the Amherst community.