Summer 2002


City Forever
Principal Joe Wilson '64 has led a successful push at Baltimore City College High School to restore the school's past glory and send students on to college.
By Stacey Schmeidel

What’s Cooking at the Zoo?
Once it was Alpha Theta Xi, now it is Humphries House—but to loyal alumni and undergraduates it will always be, fondly, the Zoo.
By Joe Thoron '91
Online Extra: Recipes

When fire almost destroyed Manhattan's historic Central Synagogue in 1998, Rabbi Peter Rubinstein '64 and his congregation kept on as a community and built anew.
By Jennifer Acker '00


College Row
Faculty tightens honors system—Committee examines athletics—The labyrinth of Room Draw—Remembering Prof. James Mauldon—Trustees, honorees, retirees.

The Zieja twins grew up under the hoops at Amherst, and—when they weren’t fighting—they were on their way to glory.
By Kevin Graber

Amherst Authors
New books about medieval France, the Holocaust trials, literary meaning, and rural life in Missouri.

Teaching through radio—Bruce Barton ’07—Irreligious "pokes."


Amherst Drubs Dartmouth
Amherst pounded Dartmouth, 40-10, in an 1890 baseball game.

Taking Up Residence
Fox family on campus—Temporary dorms will house 100 students.

Johnson Chapel Associate Profile
Ray and Ilga Moore