Amherst Magazine, Winter 2007


Reporting for Duty
Reporting for Duty
Bonnie Jenkins ’82 supported the war in Afghanistan but always questioned the decision to send U.S. troops into Iraq. Still, when she was called to serve in the war on terror, the U.S. Naval Reserve officer didn’t flinch. An inside look at her life on active duty.
By Bonnie Jenkins ’82

Modest Proposal
A Modest Proposal
The class notes come sprinkled with small lies of omission, as alumni boast of best-selling novels and impressive degrees while leaving out the rest of the story—bad dates, credit card debt, nagging self-doubt. Aaron Britt ’03 issues a plea: in that note about your life, tell the whole truth.
By Aaron Britt ’03

Blazing a Trail
Blazing the Trail
Early this year, Massachusetts inaugurated its first African-American governor. The path that took Deval Patrick to the statehouse is the same one that another African-American—William Henry Lewis, Class of 1892—had paved almost a century earlier.
By Evan J. Albright


College Row
Teach-in—In memoriam: Calvin H. Plimpton ’39 and Theodore P. Greene ’43—Peter Gooding retires—And we all sign on—On love—Missed manners—In class—Alumni sons and daughters—Work in progress. Also: From the Folger and Verbatim.

Faculty Profile
Tekla Harms, Professor of Geology

"A Winter Apple," by Daniel Hall.

How to get there—Like father, like son.

Amherst Creates
Ted Lee ’93 cooks hip Southern food—Catch and Release by Susannah Grant ’84—A debut novel from Katherine Min ’80. Also: Short Takes.

What They Are Reading
Constance Congdon, playwright-in-residence.

President Plimpton—Military training—Poet Richard Wilbur ’42.