Amherst Magazine, Winter 2008

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Open Up
Open Up
A massive experiment in public, collaborative art, with Amherst as the stage. A photo essay. 

Look Who's Talking
Look Who's Talking
As the special counsel who brought Scooter Libby to trial, Patrick Fitzgerald ’82 was tight-lipped around the media. Now, he sits for an interview.
By Katie Bacon ’93 

Ghost Writer
Ghost Writer
After his younger brother’s life came to a horrific end, David Stringer ’64 set out to discover: Who was John Stringer ’72?
By Rand Richards Cooper ’80


College Row
Air rage—It’s the environment, stupid—Military recruiting—John Bolton’s visit—New chief advancement officer—Mystery date—Much about history—Henry Steele Commager—And more.

From the Folger
It's magic.

My Life
Jerome Himmelstein, the Andrew W. Mellon Professor of Sociology.

Women’s cross country and tennis.

Amherst Creates
Darfur and South Africa on film—poetry from Peter Schmitt ’80—The case for pre-school.

What They Are Reading
Patricia O’Hara, the Amanda and Lisa Cross Professor of Chemistry.

Kenyan election.

Profiles in Philanthropy
Dwight Goldthorpe '41