A compilation of recent remarks made at Amherst.

“Where I think the fight against terrorism is going to be won or lost is in the swing vote—basically, angry young men who have grievances have got to decide, Are they going to pursue those grievances through lawful political activity or are they going to resort to violence?”

Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch
In a speech titled “Why the Current Approach to Fighting Terrorism Is Making Us Less Safe”
Oct. 23, 2007, Pruyne Lecture Hall


“We have this cultural icon, Juan Valdez, who makes us think, Oh, things are cool. Coffee farmers are doin’ okay. So I’m here tonight to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth. Juan Valdez is a lie.”

Paul Rice, founding president and CEO of the Fair Trade certification organization TransFair USA
In a talk on the fair trade movement
Nov. 26, 2007, Pruyne Lecture Hall


“The well-being of the community—internal peace—is more important than insisting upon minor points of faith.”

Charles Butterworth, professor of government and politics at the University of Maryland, College Park
Describing the view of Andalusian-Arab scholar Averroes and other Medieval Muslim philosophers
Oct. 15, 2007, Babbott Room


“I will never forget the screams from my friend James, who entered the basement bathroom and found pig hooves hanging from the shower rod. How did he think prosciutto was made?” 

Nicholas Pastan ’09
On growing up with a chef for a father
In an essay for the Amherst Story Project


“By this time, I had gotten used to going a week without a shower, having fast-food shops deny me their bathroom and being watched ominously by police officers as if my status as a homeless person was pretense enough for an arrest.”

Farris Hassan ’11
On living on the streets of Detroit to learn about the experiences of the homeless
In an essay for the Amherst Story Project